Why Should Home Buyers Be Confident When Purchasing A New Home?

July 28, 2011

All you hear in the news seems to spell gloom and doom for the economy. Every time you turn around it's debt ceiling this, and economy that. But this is global, this is national, it is not local. It is not personal. When assessing your personal situation, only you will know whether or not to be confident in your decisions. Are you generally a confident person? Are you generally smart enough to know what is good for you and your family? Have you made smart decisions when it comes to your use of credit? Have you been generally good with your finances thus far? Are you secure in your job and your position? Is it your dream to own your own home? Only you can answer these questions. These are personal questions, not global questions. These answers are not dictated by the global economy, they are not dictated by the nation's economy. These answers do not have anything to do with an arbitrary debt ceiling the nation has decided it will or wont raise. It's fully dependent on your personal finances and your personal comfort level and confidence. Purchasing a house is an important decision yes, but it is also an emotional as well as a logical one. First it's important to realize you are looking for a home, not a house. A home is a place where you raise your family, it's a kitchen where you prepare meals, it's a dining room where you discuss the day's events...who won the little league game, how did the book club go? It is a family room where you settle in for the evening watching your favorite show with your arm around your sweetheart. It's a bedroom where you tuck the kids in at night. It is a yard where your beloved dog romps. For some reason we've been conditioned to believe a house is strictly a financial investment and it's only about the bottom line. We've lost sight somehow of what a home really is. A home is not a 401K, a stock portfolio or a savings bond. Really it's all about family, community and neighborhood. Whether you are a family of one, or ten, a home is a safe secure place to build memories. Builders across the nation are still weathering the financial storm and creating that ability to fulfill the dream of homeownership. Becoming a homeowner is more affordable then ever before, because of the global economy. That's the only place where you are actually affected by what is going on across the country and around the world. You are affected in your favor as a new homebuyer. If the global economy were stronger, interest rates would be higher. The current reality is that if the economy were not doing this crazy limbo dance, you would not be able to get nearly the value for your money that is currently being offered in the new home market place. Right now homebuyers are experiencing the most value for their money then ever before. If you can confidently answer yes to the earlier questions, you should be able to confidently purchase a new home and stop waiting on the "economy" to begin your dream of homeownership. Image source: ©PhotoXpress.com
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