Why move to the Oklahoma City metro?

January 22, 2019

Here at Ideal Homes, we love our city. Our founders were born and raised in Oklahoma, and we take pride in being a local company with a lot of heart. Recently, we've posted some blogs about what makes this area so great. Whether you're considering a move to the Oklahoma City metro or you just want a reminder about all the great things about Oklahoma City, take a look at our compiled list. OKLAHOMA CITY, a Capital Place to Live Since it first began, Oklahoma City has been—and today continues to be—a town unlike any other. If you live elsewhere and have been thinking about making a move, there are a variety of solid reasons why you should consider Oklahoma’s capital city. A Sizable City...Read More Oklahoma City Surrounded by Excellent School Districts In addition to having five high schools that the U.S. News and World Report named as being among the best in the nation, Oklahoma City is surrounded by school districts widely renowned for their excellence...Read More. OKC Arts Scene Must Be Seen Oklahoma City is home to a wide variety of cultural events and venues. Art, live music, dance, theatre . . . all have a long-standing and active presence in the community...Read More. Oklahoma City: Capital for Sports Enthusiasts If you’re a sports fan, Oklahoma City is a place where you’re sure to feel at home. To say that folks in Oklahoma City take sports seriously is a bit of an understatement. Known nationally for decades as die-hard college football fanatics, Oklahomans were quick to expand their hearts and their support to include professional basketball when the Oklahoma City Thunder arrived in 2008. But this city’s passion for sports certainly doesn’t end there...Read More Oklahoma City: Enjoy Your Favorite Hobbies Residents of Oklahoma City have many potential hobbies at their disposal. Whether a pastime they’ve enjoyed for decades or an activity that has struck their fancy and about which they’d like to learn more, a host of hobbies is available to the people who live in and around OKC...Read More. OKC Dining: FANTASTIC and DIVERSE Oklahoma City offers an incredibly diverse range of culinary delights. Everything from all manner of Asianfood (Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Indian); Middle Eastern delights (Lebanese and Turkish); Latin American cuisine (including Mexican, Guatemalan and Peruvian); European fare (GreekIrishItalian and French), Southern comfortfood; Cajunsteakhousesseafoodbarbecuetea and coffeehouse fare; burgers and much, much more can be enjoyed in OKC...Read More. Industries in Oklahoma City: Diverse and Ever Expanding The industries operating in Oklahoma City are diverse, and the list is ever expanding. Those areas of commerce with the highest number of employees are listed below, but many other types of businesses are being introduced in OKC on almost a daily basis and often with great success...Read More. Community Services Abound in Oklahoma City

The people of Oklahoma City enjoy numerous community services designed to improve their quality of life. These include, but aren’t limited to:

The Metropolitan Library System...Read More. Why getting to, from and around OKC is a breeze By Car Close to the geographic center of the United States, Oklahoma City is the only city in the nation with two intersecting interstate highways that reach the entire length of the nation: Interstate 40 extends from the east coast to the west, while Interstate 35 stretches from the northern to southern borders...Read More. OKC offers plentiful access to quality healthcare Oklahoma County ranks near the nation’s top for access to dentists and mental health providers, according to the annual health rankings compiled by the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation this past March. The same study also noted the plentiful access Oklahoma County residents have to primary care physicians...Read More. OKC’s Arts District: Culture, Food and History Oklahoma City is chock full of distinctive districts, each with its own attractions, appeal and charm. For the next several weeks we will explore these various areas one-by-one, highlighting the special items of interest offered by each...Read More. Whether it's Oklahoma City, Moore, Norman, Edmond, Deer Creek, Piedmont, Choctaw, Mustang, Yukon, or Stillwater, there's a lot to love about the Oklahoma City metro area. For more information about our homes or to schedule a tour, contact Elena at eamora@ideal-homes.com.
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