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Why It's Smart to Buy Now: Would You Love to Be Able to Park Your Car in the Garage?

Why It's Smart to Buy Now: Would You Love to Be Able to Park Your Car in the Garage?

March 30, 2023

Why It’s Smart to Buy Now: Your Very Own Garage

Does your existing home have an attached garage? Is it full of storage items that won’t fit in the house? That’s the way it is for many of us. Often our garage is too small to accommodate our vehicles and “stuff.” An attached garage that comes with a new Ideal home provides you with safety and convenience, as well as numerous other options.

Here are a few reasons why your new garage may just become your favorite room in the house.

Attached garages are safe. You can access your home without ever having to go outside. Threats can’t follow you into your home and you have the peace of mind when going outside at night that there won’t be anyone lurking near your car if it’s tucked safely inside the garage.

Weather. You won’t have to go outside in the rain or snow to get to your car. With your car kept in the garage, you can head to work without having to scrape ice and snow. Garage storage also means tools, home maintenance, and gardening supplies are stored close to where you need them.

Comfortable workspace for outdoor tasks. Garages also offer a large workspace for outdoor tasks like painting, potting, or crafting. With your tools organized and stored safely in the garage, you can work on projects in any season at any time of day. Also, since the garage is attached to your house and shares one or more walls with your main living space, you’ll save on heating costs.

Add to your home’s value. Most Ideal floor plans now come standard with larger garages! A 2-foot extension in your garage can mean extra room for storage or plenty of space for large vehicles. This included feature was added to most floor plans along with many additional extras! Find out more about the higher standard of included features you get when buying an Ideal home.

If you’re in the market for a new home with an extended garage, be sure to check out Ideal Homes & Neighborhoods. Some Ideal neighborhoods currently feature never-before-offered special savings. All homes have the same Ideal warranties and amenities you’ve come to expect and won’t find with any other builder in the state.