Where We Are Going - Oklahoma City Growth and Momentum

March 28, 2013

Just in case you missed it, we recently posted about the fact that Oklahoma City is top in job creation and earnings growth among cities across the country. But really there is so much more growth and good news we wanted to summarize it all right here for you. Here are some of the highlights showing where we are as a city right now: - #1 Most Recession Proof Location - Forbes - #1 Real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Gains - Bureau of Econ. Analysis - #1 Tech Job Growth - TechAmerica Foundation - #1 American's Most Affordable Location - Forbes - #1 Lowest Business Cost - KPMG - #1 Best Place to Launch a Small Business - Money/Fortune Magazine - #1 Fastest Growing Per-capita income in the U.S. - Bureau of Econ. Analysis - #1 Most Cost Effective Major Market - Foreign Direct Investment - #1 Most Affordable Location - Business Week - #1 Most Affordable Housing Market - Bizjournals - #1 Lowest Unemployment Rate - U.S. Dept. of Labor - #1 "On Numbers 2012 Economic Index" - workers' earning growth faster than any other market - #1 in Job creation according - Gallop Poll - #1 Metro cities for earnings growth - Garner Economics - #1 in household income growth - US Census Bureau - #4 in the nation for best place for jobs - Manpower - #6 best place for millennials due to low employment, cost of living and nightlife - Moving.com - Least Costly place to do business - KPMG Index - Most business friendly Place in the US - CNN Money - Strongest economy in the country - Business Journal Magazine's Index - Top 10 best potential for real estate appreciation - Forbes - Top 10 best places for jobs and for recent college graduates to find jobs - Forbes - Top 20 in the nation for increase in college graduates and above the national average - ESPN ranked the 122 professional sports teams including baseball, football, hockey and basketball looking at fan appreciation, the team's community commitment, the quality of the ownership group and others - number 1 was the Thunder In a recent speech by Mayor Mick Cornett at the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce, he talked about these accolades and emphasized the importance of moving forward. There are many things, we as a community and a city can continue to do in order to sustain the momentum and long term growth. We at Ideal Homes intend to continue the momentum by building the best, most energy efficient homes to help continue the housing growth and stewardship of our natural resources, in and around Oklahoma City.
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