What You Can Expect If Your Company Requires You To Relocate

September 5, 2013

Since Oklahoma City is among the top cities in job creation and economic growth across the country, many people are relocating here for a job either as a new hire or with their current company. Here are a few things to consider and expect if you're going through relocation. Of the firms surveyed in the 2012 Atlas Van Lines survey*, 63% offer full moving reimbursement; 84% of companies surveyed have a formal relocation policy, and 52% of job relocation in 2012 were new hires. According to the survey, 76% of the firms that responded give 2 weeks or less for the employee to accept the offer. As far as moving expenses go, more than half of the companies surveyed indicated they pay to pack household goods, move a car, and allow unlimited weight. On the home buying and finding front, more than half of the companies surveyed say they offer transferees and new hires a temporary housing allowance, home finding trips, and storage. Since 53% of those who relocated were actually homeowners, some companies will reimburse or pay for home sales costs, and others even pay for home buying costs on the other end. For renters, more than half the firms will pay or reimburse individuals who are penalized for breaking a lease. When considering application for a transfer or a new position in a new city, it's important to research the city ahead of time and get familiar. On Movoto.com you can find great articles about things you should know about various cities, including Oklahoma City. These types of articles and research will help if you are faced with a quick decision when the job offer comes through. Usually if you are looking at relocation, the official company policy will be discussed in the interview process. This will give you a heads up on what to expect. And remember, everything is negotiable. Nine out of 10 firms said that offering more incentives to move almost always is successful in convincing an employee to relocate. *All statistics are according to Atlas Van Lines' 46th Annual Corporate Relocation Survey. For more detailed information check out the full report.
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