What Home Improvement Project Would You Do?

November 13, 2014

Even in a brand new, new construction home, built by a home builder you can't always get everything you want in the first go around. You may be limited by funds, or by the options offered. If you had some extra cash to add into the home building budget, which projects would you undertake? Here are 5 ideas that may make your list if you had more to play with. add a deckAdd a Deck or extend your patio - Decks and patios provide more entertaining space, outdoor dining, lounging, or a place to BBQ. Decks can be the outdoor retreat you've been looking for and they add value to your home. Sprinkler System - This will go a long way in maintaining a beautiful landscape that contributes to the curb appeal of a home as well as the ability to create a relaxing retreat in the backyard. Get High-Tech Wired - High-tech homes are in. The newest latest thing is being able to control your whole home through apps on your smart phone or tablet. Wiring your home to be a smart home is a great bang for your buck. With smart wired homes you can put speakers throughout the house, wire in your lights, door locks, alarm, heating and cooling system, and smoke detectors. Finish a Basement - Basements can be creepy and dark - instilling visions from horror movies, or they can add an incredible flex space to your home. A basement can be kitted out as a media room, a play space for kids, home gym, or man cave. The possibilities are endless. Yet adding more usable space to your home is a definite plus. Both for your own enjoyment, and for resale down the line. Bathroom Addition - You know what they say... you can never have too many bathrooms. Okay maybe they don't say that, but if you finish a basement a good addition to that space is another bathroom. Modern updated bathrooms give you a lot of bang for the buck. Add a Storm Shelter - Underground storm shelters in your garage by a reputable dealer can typically be installed in a morning or afternoon. These are designed to allow you to enter the shelter even if your vehicle is parked in the garage. You can also explore the option of an above ground safe room in your garage. They are relatively affordable and will give your family peace of mind during storm season. What project would be on your list that we haven't listed above?
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