Ways to Help Make a Difference in and around OKC

September 27, 2019

volunteer opportunities OKC OklahomaSometimes, problems in the world and bad news we all hear every day can seem overwhelming. Luckily, however, you can counteract all this negativity by taking action that fills you with a strong sense of accomplishment and purpose, while simultaneously giving you a chance to help make the world—or at least your community—a better place: volunteering. Serving the community as a volunteer has been known to improve people’s moods, reduce stress and create a deep feeling of satisfaction and happiness. It has also helped people who’ve begun to despair about the state of the world have a renewed sense of peace and hope. There are many opportunities to help make a difference in and around Oklahoma City. These include, but certainly aren’t limited to:
  • Helping to build a home through Habitat for Humanity OKC. This particular activity gives you a chance to actually help build something from the ground up by working hand-in-hand with others. In addition -- or in lieu of -- actually helping with construction you can donate still usable items you no longer need or want to their thrift store.
  • Assisting children in foster care at Citizens Caring for Children. Volunteering here can include everything from mentoring children, sorting clothes or mail, serving on committees or taking one or more children shopping for back-to-school supplies.
  • Aiding babies and toddlers whose families are in dire circumstances by working with the Infant Crisis Center. ICC provides life-sustaining formula, food and diapers to little ones in need. You can help with these efforts by serving on location at the center, delivering and picking up supplies around the city or working on the computer or making calls from your own home.
  • Helping Norman’s Center for Children and Families, Inc. supports the people they serve. Volunteers at CCFI help with the organization’s summer program and Boys & Girls Clubs by doing administrative work, assisting with special projects, and sorting goods for the Baby Pantry.
  • Assisting children in telling their stories of sexual or physical abuse or neglect by volunteering at the Mary Abbot Children’s House. Helpers here can serve as child advocates or on committees helping to plan events. Donated items like teddy bears, blankets, toys, and play dough are always needed.
  • Aiding Meals on Wheels OKC in providing homebound seniors with nutritious meals so they can remain in their homes and maintain their independence. Volunteers can help to prepare, package and/or deliver the meals.
  • Helping Second Chance Animal Sanctuary rescue dogs and cats from other shelters and work to find them a forever home. Second Chance volunteers walk dogs, socialize cats, clean kennels, help with office work, and foster animals.
Many additional non-profit organizations and the various chances they provide citizens like you to serve the community are listed on Volunteer Match.  You can search this online directory by location and area of interest to find the volunteer opportunity or opportunities that best fit you.
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