October 22, 2020

In less than five hours from most Ideal Homes and Neighborhoods, you and your family can drive to Little Rock and enjoy the many outdoor activities and sights Arkansas’ capital offers in the fall. Such as those found at . . . Pinnacle Mountain State Park Created to serve as a center for education, entertainment and preservation, Pinnacle Mountain State Park opened in 1977. A must visit for those who enjoy far-from-routine biking or hiking, it offers over 15 miles of trails, including 7 miles of challenging mountain bike trails. Just west of Little Rock, this geographically diverse state park features a variety of outdoor adventures along the Big and Little Maumelle Rivers. The Arkansas Arboretum is also located here, as are many interpretive programs offered by park staff, a park visitors center, a scenic overlook, a children’s playground, spots for picnicking and pavilions that can be reserved for larger gatherings. The Arkansas River Trail With approximately 100 miles of bike paths, The Arkansas River Trail System begins in downtown Little Rock at the Little Rock River Market and extends on both sides of the Arkansas River to Pinnacle Mountain. Along the way it crosses three pedestrian-only bike bridges: the Clinton Presidential Bike Bridge in the easternmost River Market district, Two Rivers Park Bridge on the westernmost portion of the trail, and the World-Famous Big Dam Bridge, the world's largest pedestrian-only bike bridge spanning over the entire Arkansas River Dam. A park for youngsters along the trail has climbing boulders, water fountains, tunnels, slides and ladders.  There are also many sculptures along the trail, as well as a stage that sometimes hosts live music and movie nights. Despite being a joy to just stroll along, while enjoying the scenic Arkansas River, this trail also has facilities for renting both bicycles and scooters. Little Rock Zoo Providing engaging experiences that cause people to value and attempt to protect nature, the Little Rock Zoo is home to over 500 animals from more than 200 species, many of which are endangered. The only zoo in Arkansas, Little Rock Zoo features such noted habitats as Penguin Pointe, where African Penguins can be viewed underwater and Arkansas Heritage Farm, where numerous breeds of animals can be fed and touched. Its Conservation Education Center hosts a variety of interesting programs, including shows on the amphitheater stage. Café Africa not only looks like a stone-style African cottage but also offers a variety of cuisine. Animal meet-and-greets are offered throughout the park, along with other fun activities. The Bernice Garden One location appreciated by many, The Bernice Garden, is privately owned, yet open to the public for free. Located at the southeast corner of Daisy Bates and South Main Street in downtown Little Rock, this garden was created to celebrate the community and host events. Since it is home to sculpture and artwork, made from either traditional or alternative material, which is left in place for a year, even those who’ve visited the garden before can often still find something new to appreciate. In addition, The Bernice Garden Famer’s Market, open Sundays from mid-April through October (even now, despite COVID-19) is open from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., rain or shine. Sustainably raised fruits, nuts, berries, flowers, herbs, cheeses, prepared foods and other delights are offered. Other Outdoor Attractions A listing of additional outdoor attractions in Little Rock, Arkansas can be found HERE.
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