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Unveiling the Future of Home Design: Trends from the 2024 International Builders' Show


March 12, 2024

The 2024 International Builders' Show has set the stage for emerging home design trends that are shaping the way we think about our living spaces. Here's a glimpse into the future of home design, as experienced by our Vice President of Estimating and Design at this year's Builders' Show. We can't wait to incorporate these new trends that pull from historic and natural references.

Multi-Functional Spaces and Planned Openness

The trend is clear—homes are less compartmentalized than ever, but the desire for defined spaces is emerging stronger as well. The use of built-in cabinetry, distinct trim options, and strategic flooring plans is on the rise, enabling homeowners to enjoy the spaciousness of open floor plans without sacrificing organization and purpose. It's the open floor plan we've been seeing for many years but elevated to a more functional result.

Expansive Pantries with Enhanced Storage

Functionality meets elegance in the modern pantry. Not only have pantries grown in size, allowing for an easy walk-in experience, but the trend towards incorporating sophisticated cabinetry into these spaces suggests that storage solutions can also be a statement of style. We've started incorporating bigger and better pantries in Norman's Pine Creek community. Be on the lookout for some drop-dead gorgeous pantries (not something we ever thought we'd say). 

Biophilic Designs Blur Indoor and Outdoor Boundaries

Biophilic design focuses on connecting homes to natural environments through the use of actual and perceived nature. This year's show highlighted biophilic design as a frontrunner, emphasizing the harmony between indoor living and the natural world outdoors. Expect to see creative integrations of plant life, natural light, and materials that make the transition from your living room to your garden seamless and invigorating. You'll start seeing grander patio entrances from living rooms in some of our newest floor plans that will connect the outside in.

Eclectic Kitchen Islands

The kitchen island has been reimagined as a centerpiece of texture, material diversity, and form. Mixed surface islands now incorporate rounded ends and textural variations like fluting. These islands stand as bold statements of asymmetry and the harmonious use of mixed materials, showing that the heart of the home can be both functional and a work of art. Islands are also shrinking in some ways. The grand island "continent" is often now being replaced with multiple islands.

The Warmth of Browns

Browns are back with a sophisticated twist, especially prominent in kitchen design. These tones bring a sense of grounding through warm wood stains and dark-painted cabinetry, offering a cozy and welcoming ambiance that breathes life into culinary spaces.

Innovative Siding and Elevations

New siding products, eagerly anticipated to hit the market mid-year, promise a wealth of options for customizing home exteriors. These innovative offerings will allow us to re-imagine home elevations with more variety than ever before.

Garage Doors Reimagined

Unique garage doors emerged as a surprising highlight of the show. No longer an afterthought, garage doors are becoming focal points of elevation design, incorporating innovative materials and custom designs to reflect homeowners' individuality.

Tiles Inspired by Nature

Tiles that take their cues from the raw beauty of bricks were showcased, continuing the theme of nature-incorporated design. These tiles reinvigorate spaces by offering a tactile and visual connection to the natural world, perfect for bringing the essence of the outdoors inside.

The 2024 International Builders' Show has made it clear that creative design, natural connections, and personal expression are at the forefront of what we can expect in home trends. These emerging ideas not only reflect changes in aesthetic preferences but also a deeper redefinition of how our homes can support and enhance our day-to-day lives. 

For homebuyers, homeowners, and interior designers, keeping an eye on these trends means an opportunity to be ahead of the curve, creating living spaces that are not just modern for today, but poised for the future of thoughtful, inspired living.