Tolle's Tidbits - Lawn Care Matters

March 6, 2012

The official launch of spring is right around the corner. Ever wonder how those few zealous green thumbs grow and maintain Astroturf-like grass coverage? Here is what Tolle has to say about spring time lawn establishment:   "WEEDS: They will happen. New home lawns not only in Oklahoma City, but also in cities nationwide are affected by these grass nemesis. The first year will naturally have more weed intrusion than subsequent years. We do not recommend using herbicides of any kind, including weed and feed or pre-emergents, on newly laid lawns or lawns started fall through the spring of the last season. A light fertilizer application is acceptable. An alternate weed control method requires a lot of muscle. Get some exercise and enjoy the outdoors all the while hand-pulling weeds to your heart's content. Here's a great place to reiterate - don't use herbicides on your new lawn. Aside from weed control, nourishment is a factor which impacts the health of your lawn. For instance watering: water is essential for life, too little and we shrivel to much and we drown, both end very badly. Never let your yard get so dry it has cracks in the soil. That would be lawn abuse. Water your lawn in the winter, when it is a comfortable enough temperature to be outside; remember to unhook the hose or faucet applications when finished that day. Take the following into consideration when watering: The upper 1 to 2 inches of soil need to be moistened until the turf is rooted and spreading. As the turf becomes more established, begin deeper, less frequent irrigations to promote deeper rooting and heartier turf. Extra tip: Water as early in the morning as possible to take advantage of the daily normal grass growing cycle. Visit Oklahoma State Extension as an online reference for your lawn care needs."   If you have tidbits of advice you would like to share, email Visit Ideal Homes to learn more about our company, products and communities.
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