Time to Celebrate! How to Throw your own Housewarming Party

September 13, 2011

Throwing a housewarming party is the perfect opportunity to show off where you live, bring old friends together and meet your new neighbors. Invite. Spread the word about your upcoming event, but don't spend money on invitations. Instead, use a combination of technology and old-fashioned face-to-face interaction:
  • Send a mass text to your friends and family letting them know to save the date for your upcoming event
  • Create an event on Facebook with the date, time and driving directions
  • Introduce yourself to your new neighbors and invite them to your party
  • Invite some of your co-workers to attend
Food. Now that you've gotten the word out, it's time to plan your menu. Whether you choose finger foods or a full meal, remember to keep it simple so it doesn't take time away from your guests. Food is the most expensive item when hosting a party, so don't reject any offers from friends or family who offer to bring something. Remind. About a week before your event, send another text reminding everyone about your party and ask if they plan to attend. This will give you a better idea of how much food to buy. It will also give you the opportunity to answer any questions your guests may have. Shop. Go shopping for food, drinks and your plates, cups and napkins a couple days before your party. You may also want to buy some balloons to tie on your mailbox so your home can be easily spotted. Prepare. Get your home ready for your guests.
  • Find a convenient spot for people to leave their purses or coats
  • Make sure you have enough toilet paper, soap and fresh towels in each bathroom
  • Determine where the flow of traffic will go throughout your home and decide if you want to put snacks at gathering points (like on a coffee table or end tables)
  • If the weather is nice, put some chairs in your backyard so people can get the full experience of your new home
Decorate. There is no need to go to a party store and spend money on cheesy house cut-outs or other decorating items that will most likely get thrown away after your party.
  • If you took pictures of each phase of your home while it was under construction, use those photos as a centerpiece. Put them on your breakfast bar or place them on your buffet among the food.
  • If you don't have those photos, buy decorating magazines and tear out some of your favorite pages and put them in the rooms you would like to decorate.
Food Placement. A buffet is the easiest way to get a crowd of hungry people moving in your desired direction. Use your stove to keep food warm or just use it as an extension of your counter space. Set cups, beverages and ice in a location that is noticeable for your guests after they finish the buffet line. Party! Your guests are starting to arrive, and you can't wait to show them your new home. Don't feel obligated to give formal tours, let your guests marvel at your home at their leisure. Introduce new friends to old and share your experience of buying/building your new home. Have fun and enjoy your new home!
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