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Time for College Game Day Kickoff

College Game Time Kick Off

August 29, 2022

Score a touchdown on game day!

College Football season kicks off this week, so get ready for watch parties and tailgating. You’re bound to either host or be invited to a football watch party, so here are some tips on favorite sports party foods and decorations.

Favorite foods

Pretty much any finger-type foods are welcome, but you can turn yourself into a party snack legend by going the extra mile or you can ensure you’ll never be invited again. Here’s a list from Blake Stilwell at WeAreTheMighty.com.

•Cheese plate—A cheese plate is an easy crowd-pleaser. Add some crackers, cold cuts, and a few grapes for effect and you’re good to go. To be a legend, upgrade the cheeses from the standard Colby, cheddar, and pepper jack to real cheeses. We’re talking brie, gruyere, and fresh mozzarella. Spring for better crackers and upgrade the cold cuts to prosciutto.

•Chips and dip—Even a tub of sour cream with a packet of French onion seasoning mixed in is a win. To be a legend, make your own layered dip that doesn’t involve packets of seasoning. The more layers the better!

•Potato skins—Great potato skins have crispy shells and don’t skimp on the cheese and bacon. To be a legend, more meat, every time. Buffalo chicken potato skins are always a winner.

•Pigs in a blanket—All-beef junior franks wrapped in crispy golden-brown dough. Brush on a little melted butter for extra effect, and voila! Even your friend who swears they don’t eat processed food will sneak one or two. To be a legend, try bratwurst in pretzel dough.

•Party subs—Sandwiches are the closest thing to an entrée anyone should bring to a sports party. From cold cuts to po’ boys, they will be the unofficial main course on everyone’s plate. . To be a legend, tie the sub to your favorite team.

•Bacon-wrapped anything—Bacon-wrapped pork medallions with little toothpicks are always a winner, as are bacon-wrapped scallops. To be a legend, get some cheese in there, too. Everyone loves bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers!

•Pizza—Everybody loves a fresh, hot slice. Come with one cooked and ready and have a prepared, uncooked one ready to heat up mid-game. . To be a legend, individual calzones.

•Sliders—Tiny cheeseburgers for the win!

•Wings—Always expected at a football game. To be a legend, bring a bunch of different flavors besides “hot” and “mild.” For sure, bring the classics. But add lemon pepper or spicy ginger and others.

•Ribs—You will be a total winner and invited back to every game imaginable if you show up with a legit rack of ribs. . To be a legend: If you brought ribs, you are a legend!

Plus any finger-food desserts like brownies and cookies will score a win.

Hosting and decorating for the party

•For sure you’ll want to wear and decorate with team colors. For newbies to Oklahoma, that’s crimson and cream for University of Oklahoma fans. Oklahoma State Cowboys should don orange and black for the occasion.

•As far as table decorations go, consider decorating with Astroturf. You can find it at almost any hardware store. Make a set of game day placemats and use chalk to draw the yard lines. Or cut into circles or squares to make coasters. You can also use a large piece as a table topper, complete with football-themed place cards to show which snacks are which.

•Make fun food and drinks (see list above for classic favorites). Place the snacks in football-shaped or themed dishes, or build your own “snackadium” with all the munchies arranged side by side in their own football stadium.

•To win the host/hostess-with-the-mostest award, make sure your guests are comfortable. There should be plenty of places to sit. And if you’re hosting toward the end of the season when cooler weather finally shows up, maybe set out some cozy throws, too.

•Post-game party favors are always a big hit. And just because the game is over doesn’t mean the fun has to stop! Give each guest a little gift as they make their way out. Homemade treats wrapped or put into a football-themed container or even just a little football helmet is a great gesture that guests will love.

Official 2022 football schedules for OU and OSU

University of Oklahoma
Boomer Sooner!

Sept 3- 2:30 pm OU vs UTEP
Sept 10- 6 pm OU vs Kent State
Sept 17- 11 am OU vs Nebraska
Sept 24- TBD OU vs Kansas State
Oct 1- TBD OU vs TCU
Oct 8- TBD OU vs Texas
Oct 15- TBD OU vs Kansas
Oct 29- TBD OU vs Iowa State
Nov 5- TBD OU vs Baylor
Nov 12- TBD OU vs West Virginia
Nov 19- TBD OU vs Oklahoma State
Nov 26- TBD OU vs Texas Tech

Oklahoma State University
Go Pokes!

Sept 1 -6 pm OSU vs Central Michigan
Sept 10- 6:30 pm OSU vs Arizona State
Sept 17- 6 pm OSU vs Arkansas – Pine Bluff
Oct 1- TBD OSU vs Baylor
Oct 8- TBD OSU vs Texas Tech
Oct 15- TBD OSU vs TCU
Oct 22-TBD OSU vs Texas
Oct 29- TBD OSU vs Kansas State
Nov 5- TBD OSU vs Kansas
Nov 12TBDOSU vs Iowa State
Nov 19- TBD OSU vs University of Oklahoma
Nov 26- TBD OSU vs West Virginia

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You can share an ideal fall full of exciting football, great food, and good friends! Good luck to the home teams!