The 3 Phases of Searching For A New Home

July 15, 2011

When searching for a new home there are several levels of research you may go through in order to find that perfect home. A good builder will have the right tools and customer service to help guide you along that path ever step of the way. Phase 1 - Searching on line: An attentive builder knows that your search begins online. In fact since 90% of home searches start on the Internet, it is our responsibility to provide you with the information and resources you need to first identify with our community and begin to envision the possibilities. From floor plans, pictures, and virtual tours as well as an easy to navigate website, we provide the resources you need at the beginning stage of your research. Phase 2 - Detailed Question And Answer: Once we've caught your attention with home styles and communities to choose from, we know the next thing you want to do is fire off questions via email, facebook or twitter. Or you may even want to pick up the phone and talk with someone. It's important that we provide you with an individual dedicated to answering your questions in a quick and thorough manner. Everyone is different in the level of attention and information they need before visiting a new home community. Timeframes for moving vary. Physical proximity to the area may not be optimal at the beginning of a home search especially for those moving from further distances. Financial factors play a role in move times as well. By being aware of what each homebuyer is working toward we can gauge customer service accordingly. With a through knowledge base as well as resources to loan officers, school data, and community information you can gain a lot of insight before scheduling your trip to the area. Phase 3 - Visiting the Community: After all the questions and details that can be answered over the phone and online have been attended to, the next step is to schedule a visit the community in person. By setting an appointment and taking a VIP tour you get to see first hand, in three dimensional real time, whether you can envision yourself living in the home, the community, and the neighborhood. You can explore the lots, the models, and the options in a more hands on interactive way with one of our dedicated professionals who can answer all the little details that never occurred to you during your online search. By progressing through each of these 3 phases you will gain all the knowledge, information and insight you need to make an informed decision on the path to happy home ownership. We'd love to be your guide on that journey. Image source: ©
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