Sundance Minutes from Gigantic Employer

August 14, 2018

Located in Choctaw, Ideal’s Sundance neighborhood is a quick 20-minute drive from one of Oklahoma’s largest and most important employers: Tinker Air Force Base. Immense Economic Impact According to its 2017 Economic Impact Statement, Tinker annually creates $1.52 billion in jobs, employing 32,368 total personnel. However, its influence on Central Oklahoma’s economy and the employment opportunities the facility provides don’t stop with Tinker itself, some 92 private businesses are located on the base. Other major employers with ties to the facility are located nearby. Just a Few of the Companies Located On or Near Tinker Boeing The world’s largest aerospace company and America’s biggest manufacturing exporter, Boeing supports airlines, as well as the U.S. military and allied governments in more than 150 countries. It opened its $80 million Oklahoma facility in 2016. Northrup Grumman A global security company, Northrup Grumman provides products and solutions to government and commercial customers worldwide. Its portfolio includes technology for use in areas as far ranging as under the sea, in outer space and on the Internet. Northrup Grumman actually has two Tinker-area facilities, one at 6400 S.E. 59th and the other at 6401 S. Air Depot. IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. IAP, an international services organization in business for more than 65 years, provides government services as well as support for non-government organizations, energy companies, and others, through construction, infrastructure solutions, disaster relief, and many other capabilities. In addition to Oklahoma, IAP Worldwide Services maintains offices in the Washington D.C. area, Florida, Maryland, the United Kingdom, and the Middle East. Pratt and Whitney This American aerospace manufacturer is a subsidiary of United Technologies and provides global service operations. In fact, the aircraft engines manufactured by Pratt and Whitney are used in both military and civil aviation. With four separate facilities in and around Tinker, this company has a definite presence at the base. Financial Presence Undeniable Between its annual federal payroll and expenditures, in addition to the jobs it creates each year, Tinker has a total annual economic impact of $4.55 billion on Central Oklahoma. The fact that money flows in and around Tinker is perhaps best illustrated by the fact that a total of 34 branch banks and credit unions are located on the base itself.  
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