Summertime Fun Around Oklahoma City

June 5, 2014

It's that time of year again! School's out for summer and it's time to find activities in and around the area that will bring some fun to the whole family. That's the beauty of Ideal Homes communities: they are never too far from the action. group of childrend jumping Check out the Parks: Oklahoma City and the surrounding metro area are lucky enough to have a great Parks and Recreation Department full of summer activities including educational Bike trip through the forestprograms, fitness classes, aquatics and more. Check out the Parks and Recreation page for information on parks and programs near you. Festivals for Every Interest: There are festivals in and around the city weekly from cultural gatherings, music concerts, arts fairs and food festivals. For a wide variety of festivals and events the whole family can enjoy, check here for a comprehensive list and details. Boy swimming underwaterSummer Camps and Activities: Summer is a great time to get kids out to experience new things. Whether it's arts and crafts, activities, or character building here's a great guide to summer camps in the OKC area. Who Doesn't Love Baseball? With the onslaught of summer, it's a great time to take in a professional baseball game and attend the Oklahoma City Redhawks games. The season is up and running and it's fun for the whole family! Get Ready to BBQ - Yep it's a great time to perfect your BBQ skills and get a cookout going for friends and family. Get your grill ready for the summer, or if you aren't a fan of cooking it yourself, check out some of our favorite BBQ joints around the area. It's time for amusement - Visit city zoos, nature parks, the science museum and local amusement parks. Find out more details here. That's the great thing about being a new homeowner in Oklahoma City; there is so much to do, and the summer will zip by in a flash. Remember to enjoy it!
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