Smart Construction in Mustang, Oklahoma

April 3, 2018

Our Ideal Homes customers in Mustang, Oklahoma are smart about their homebuying decisions. They tell us that making a smart decision comes down to savings, comfort and health. Ideal’s EnergyAdvantage construction ticks all those boxes. Savings Ideal homeowners pay significantly less than most other homeowners to live in their home. Because of our smart EnergyAdvantage construction practices, Ideal owners now have thousands of dollars each year to spend on things like soccer shoes, school supplies, vacations or dance lessons, instead of on heating and cooling costs. How do we do that? Because Ideal treats the entire home as a system all our homes are beautiful, efficient, healthy and better-built. Every Ideal home features:
  • R38 attic insulation
  • Technologically advanced fresh indoor air ventilation system with fan recycler
  • Air pressure balancing
  • Energy Star appliances
  • Insulated and mastic sealed a/c ducts (R8)
  • Vinyl windows with high performance low-e glass
  • Third Party Energy Inspection
  • Polycel caulking around windows, doors, joints and sill plates
  • Durable window flashing – to prevent air and water infiltration
  • Blown-in insulation R15
  • Oriented Strand Board (OSB)
  • Tyvek Weather Resistant house wrap
  • Advanced framing techniques
  • Perimeter insulation in foundation
  • Economical 92%-96% gas heating system and SEER 16 air conditioning system
Guaranteed Utilities. EVERY Ideal home qualifies for guaranteed heating and cooling costs. Ideal’s homes are built to be twice as efficient as Energy Star, and we guarantee it. Ideal Homes is the only Oklahoma builder partnered with the Environments for Living® program to guarantee heating and cooling costs on every home we build. We’ll tell you up front how much your average heating and cooling usage should be. If it’s more, we’ll reimburse you. It’s that simple. (Visit for program details). National Energy Leader. No other Oklahoma homebuilder has been more recognized as an energy efficient builder than Ideal Homes.
  • First verified U.S. Department of Energy Builders Challenge home in Oklahoma
  • First Gold-Certified Green Home in Oklahoma
  • First LEED-certified home in America
  • First affordable zero-energy home in the U.S.
  • First Oklahoma builder to guarantee heating and cooling costs
  • First Energy Star builder for affordable homes in the U.S.
Be Smart: Ask the right questions to learn if your home is energy efficient. Whether you purchase your new home from Ideal, buy an existing home or a home from another builder – you should know how to tell what you’re getting. Here are some questions to ask.
  1. Has your home had a third-party inspection for energy efficiency? Ideal contracts third-party inspectors to conduct rigorous checks of the building envelope and mechanical systems of all its homes.
  2. Are your home’s heating and cooling costs guaranteed? Every Ideal home qualifies for guaranteed heating and cooling costs. If your actual use goes over expectations, you are refunded the difference.
  3. What is your home’s HERS (Home Energy Rating System) score? HERS is an apples-to-apples comparison of your home to other homes. Ideal homes’ HERS scores average about 40% lower than a typical new home and 53% lower than a typical used home.
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