Set your New Home in OKC up for Back to School

August 6, 2015

Back to school already? Yep! It’s time to get the house organized for the back to school routine. If you’ve just moved into a new home in Oklahoma City, then you have a fresh slate and can set up your routines now to be used for years to come. Organizing your home for back to school Get Them Dressed for Success – With a new home you can really take the time to set things up the way you want them. Having clothing and closets organized so your kids can make a speedy exit for school makes both your life, and their lives easier. Consider teaching them how to hang coordinating pieces in the same section of the closet and designate drawers by color or type of clothing. This will start instilling organization now. Sooner or later it may stick. Bins! Bins! Bins! – There’s nothing like having organizational baskets and bins to help keep your kids on track when it comes to their homework and projects. Use storage cubes to help house things like gym clothes, project materials, school supplies, and backpacks. This way they know exactly where to put everything when they come home and where to grab it from on the way back out the door. Calendar Focus – A giant chalkboard or white board calendar is a must to keep the whole family on track when you kick it into high gear with after-school activities, sports practice, and other important information. A calendar will keep the carpools running smoothly and the confusion to a minimum. It will also help keep yourself from over booking or scheduling things too tightly…well maybe. Perfect Your Pantry – Are you planning on making school lunches forever? Or do you feel it’s time to give the responsibility over to the kids? Set up your pantry for success with neatly labeled shelves and bins for acceptable snack foods, juice boxes or bottled drinks, and additions. Keep a bin in the fridge especially for sandwich fixings, fresh fruits and cut veggies. Teach them how to take 1 from bin A, B, and C to make a healthy lunch. Master Your Mud Room – Do you hate finding coats and shoes EVERYWHERE? Set up a drop off area complete with lockers, hooks or other ways to contain the sprawl of outerwear as your little students re-enter the nest after a day of learning. Workable Work Station – Do you have a kid study area set up? If you have a desk area, a loft space, or somewhere cool to get the kids on track for classes consider creating a mini “office” for them. You can use the Bins! Bins! Bins! idea above and expand creating an entire work space so craft projects and homework don’t end up all over the dining room table. And the kitchen table. And the living room floor…you get the idea. Hopefully these ideas will help spark your creativity in your new home in OKC as you get the kiddies back to school.
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