Seen the Forecast Lately?

January 26, 2010

Next week Ideal Homes, along with our trade partners, suppliers, and thousands of community volunteers will work together to change the life of a local family. For weeks, our team has planned and prepared for this monumental event. The intensity around the Ideal Homes office is impressive. This is an exciting time, but it comes with certain stresses. The weather forecast does not look promising next week. Snow this week. Rain next. If the forecast holds true, we have a tough week ahead. How do you pour concrete in the rain? How do you lay sod, or move in furniture, or even park cars in the rain? Under normal circumstances it might be easy to become discouraged. But these are not normal circumstances.

One of our core values is Leadership. We define Leadership as, "Inspiring a higher performance by others through our actions." Every month at our Ideal Home staff meeting we look at this core value and reflect on it. Now it is put to the test. There is a family in the Oklahoma City area who has endured many things with only their hope keeping them strong. They have inspired those around them to keep going when faced with struggles. Their actions, in the face of adversity, have kept the spirits of others positive. Next week, regardless of the circumstances, we, our trades, and all of our Community volunteers will lead.

Oh...and we are also hoping the weathermen are just wrong.

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