Reinvent Your Rooms When You Move

September 27, 2012

It's pretty standard that as you decorate your house, rooms can become quite static. You find the pillow colors you like, the knick-knacks that group well on a table, the picture that ties it all together on the wall, and then you don't change it for years and years. Moving into a new home gives you the opportunity to reinvent your rooms. Just picking different accent colors can completely change the feel of a room. If you look at the example of the two rooms displayed, the furniture is exactly the same. But color, furniture placement, wall color, accent pillows, and different accessories and artwork give it a whole different feel.             Re-accessorizing is as simple as moving items that were decorations from the living room to the family room, or bedroom to the living room, and you can create whole new looks for your rooms. Think of groupings on tables and consider gathering objects from 3 different rooms and bring them together in one place. A nicely placed throw blanket or quilt can give a room a different feel. Even changing out a table lamp or adding a plant can create a fresh approach and direct your eye to details that faded into the background in your old rooms. If you keep your furniture neutral you'll more easily be able to change out colors and styles and have different rooms with the same furniture pieces. Consider swapping a chair from one room with a chair from another and giving it a more eclectic feel. The design possibilities are endless when you move, and the best part is all the elements already exist in your home; they are just waiting to be displayed in another way. Have fun when you move into a new home and play around with your rooms. The options are limitless and you may not have to buy a single new piece to create new spaces.  
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