Quick and Easy: Spring Decorating Tips

April 9, 2015

Spring is a time to blow out the cobwebs and clear out the clutter. Once that’s done it’s fun to add some pops of color and easy decorative accents to give you that spring in your step around the house. Add a Splash of Color spring decor lampshades Color can bring you back from the abyss of winter like nobody’s business. Wall Adhesives – Now there are wall adhesives for everything. You can put an inspirational saying in your entryway. Create a colorful garden in a kid’s room. Or add some pops of color in other areas of the house. And the best part is they are easier to remove than paint or wallpaper. Color Inside Shelving – Paint the inside of a built-in or even an assembled book shelving system to give a pop of color inside the shelves peaking out behind your books and knickknacks. Fun With Lampshades – Change out your boring white lampshades for something a little decadent and different. Rotate your Decor rotate your rugs Spring is about renewing and refreshing. You can do the same with your spaces by changing out easy design elements for a whole new look and feel to your home. Reorganize Art – Change out your pictures on the wall. You can even move art from one room to another. Or have a whole other set of prints for different seasons. This gives you the opportunity to have a rotating gallery of your favorite things. Try different colors and styles to give a room a whole new feel. Replace Your Rugs – Sometimes a throw rug can change the mood of the entire room. Consider lively new patterns to brighten your spaces. Change Your Knickknacks – Having different items to feature on tables, mantels, and shelves can breath brand new life into your home. Play With Patterns colorful pillows Nothing says spring like pretty patterns. Add some elements with flowers, stripes, chevrons, or Moroccan prints to give your rooms a new life. Add Spring Flora and Fauna – Birds, bunnies, flowers, ferns...they all bring in a breath of fresh air. Consider adding a few accents with fun themes to go along with spring. Clever Curtains – Changing your solid colored curtains for a brand new springy pattern mix and match with other new patterns. Try to keep a color pallet in common and you can play with different patterns. Throw in a Pillow or a Blanket – Simply changing the colors and patterns of decorative pillows and throw blankets can bring a new design or pattern to the room. Just pick one or two items from the list and it will make a big difference in your home. It’s like opening up the windows and letting the sun and fresh air re-imagine your rooms.
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