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Quality building at Ideal Homes & Neighborhoods includes mold-free bathrooms.

Isabella Model Home Bathroom

January 12, 2024

There’s nothing that will ruin a pristine bathroom faster than mold. That’s why every Ideal Homes & Neighborhoods builder takes extra precautions from start to finish to make sure your Ideal bathrooms are built mold-free.

And it starts at the beginning ... before tubs or shower bases get installed, according to Carlos Morales, senior builder for at Ideal Homes & Neighborhoods. “We install a Thermopylae backing behind the tubs to make sure the proper insulation goes in behind the fiberglass panels,” says Morales. “Without it, hot or cold air pockets could be a feeding ground for moisture, where mold grows.”

If there’s a tile shower or walk-in shower to be installed, we add extra protection to make sure moisture doesn’t get behind the tile. We use an actual tile backer that most builders use as the only line of defense. Ideal builders go the extra step and add a schluter membrane, which adds extra water and moisture protection. “We also add a moisture-resistant drywall around any showers and tubs,” said Morales. “It’s just an additional layer of protection.”

Ideal takes extra steps to prevent mold:

  • Installing a larger exhaust fan to help remove any moisture to the exterior vent.
  • Using a higher-grade low-sheen paint not only in the bathrooms but throughout the entire house.

Morales shares his expert builder tips for keeping bathrooms mold-free:

  • Use the exhaust fan when taking showers or baths.
  • Keep up with caulking/silicone maintenance at vanities, tubs, showers and glass sections.
  • Be sure to repaint quickly if any paint gets damaged. That will help block any moisture and mold from getting on the drywall or woodwork trim.
  • Keep up with grout caulking maintenance at baseboards, showers and tubs.

Ideal Homes & Neighborhoods goes the extra mile to make sure mold doesn’t get started in your new home. Follow the advice of an expert to keep your bathrooms and home free from that pesky visitor!