Primary Elections: Exercise Your Right To Vote

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June 27, 2022

Just in time for Independence Day is one of the most important ways we get to participate in our country’s democratic process. It’s time to exercise your right to vote and get to the polls for the mid-term primary elections. One of our greatest liberties as Americans, and therefore Oklahomans, is the freedom to cast a ballot for our ideal candidate. So, if you’re a registered voter, get out and vote! And if you are not registered yet, sign up now for the next election; logging in to the voter portal is as easy as providing a name and date of birth. It’s important!

Upcoming election dates:

June 28, 2022

Primary Election

Have questions about which party’s primary election you’re eligible to vote in? Find out more here.

  • Tuesday’s primary ballot will include decisions on many state-elected officials – governor, attorney general, treasurer, state auditor and inspector, superintendent of public instruction, commissioner of labor, corporation commissioner, US Senate, and US House Oklahoma District 5. Plus Oklahoma State Senate and House races, as well as races for local county offices.
  • Voters will also be choosing a candidate to fill the remaining term of retiring Senator Jim Inhofe. 
  • Oklahoma County residents will vote on a measure to fund repairs on the Oklahoma County Jail.
  • VIEW A SAMPLE BALLOT: Log in to the OK Voter Portal to view a sample ballot
  • FIND YOUR POLLING LOCATION: Log in to the OK Voter Portal to view a sample ballot

August 23, 2022

Runoff Primary Election 

(voter registration deadline: July 29)

November 8, 2022

General Election 

(voter registration deadline: October 14)

Oklahoma State Election Board

Click here to log in to the Oklahoma Voter Portal, a one-stop shop for your voting needs. You’ll need a name and date of birth to log in to the portal; here’s the information available on the site: 

  • Complete a voter registration application
  • Request absentee ballots
  • Verify voter registration information
  • View voting districts
  • Find polling place information
  • View a sample ballot
  • Check the status of absentee ballots
  • Change political affiliation
  • Change a residence address or mailing address

If you want to check on local information specific to your county, here are the phone numbers and websites for County Election Boards. Most of these pages link to the Oklahoma Voter Portal listed above. There’s also information included on precinct and polling location changes and how to volunteer to help out at a polling location in your area.

County Election Boards for Ideal Homes & Neighborhoods communities

One vote – your vote – makes a difference. Stand up and be counted!

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