OKC offers plentiful access to quality healthcare

January 18, 2019

Oklahoma County ranks near the nation’s top for access to dentists and mental health providers, according to the annual health rankings compiled by the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation this past March. The same study also noted the plentiful access Oklahoma County residents have to primary care physicians. This recognition comes as no surprise to those familiar with Oklahoma City, if for no other reason than the high concentration of medical facilities available throughout OKC. In addition, major healthcare providers in Oklahoma City haven’t limited themselves to one location but have ensured health assistance and treatment can be quickly accessed from virtually every part of the city by opening multiple facilities throughout the metropolitan area. This is true of:
  • Integris, which ranks as one of the top 25 health care systems in the nation. Its OKC area facilities include: Integris Baptist Medical Center, Integris Canadian Valley Hospital, Integris Deaconess, Integris Health Edmond, Integris Southwest Medical Center, Integris Lakeside Women’s Hospital, Integris Cancer Institute, and more.
  • Mercy, which was named one of the top five large health systems by Truven in 2017. This organization’s Oklahoma City facilities include: Mercy Hospital Oklahoma City, Mercy Edmond, Mercy Rehabilitation Hospital, numerous Convenient Clinic locations, Mercy Outpatient Surgery, Mercy Obstetrics and Gynecology, and many others.
  • SSM Health St. Anthony, a Catholic, not-for-profit healthcare group, which in OKC has: SSM Health St. Anthony Hospital, SSM Health Cancer Care, SSM Health St. Anthony South, SSM Health St. Anthony North, Bone & Joint Hospital, SSM Health Behavioral Health, and others.
  • OU Health Sciences Center also has the OU Medical Center Edmond.
But healthcare provision and availability in Oklahoma City isn’t limited to the organizations listed above. There are a multitude of additional clinics, private doctors’ offices, hospitals, and other health-related facilities sprinkled throughout the OKC metropolitan area.
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