OK Building Summit: September 11

August 27, 2014

The Oklahoma State Home Builders Association is sponsoring the 2014 Oklahoma Building Summit Sept. 11 at the Reed Center in Midwest City. The Summit, a series of presentations on ways to improve the bottom line by eliminating waste, will be invaluable to builders across the state. Topics such as soils/foundations, energy efficiency, and wind-bracing will be covered by local presenters. Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 4.55.12 PM The summit, expecting to gather over 400 home building professionals, brings continuing education and a keynote presentation by Scott Sedam with TrueNorth Development of South Lyon, Mich. Sedam brings a passion for eliminating waste in the building process and is an advocate for the Lean building philosophy. "Home building is awash in waste, a documented minimum 20 percent, or a minimum of $50,000 in the average $250,000 house price in the United States," Sedam said. "The savings are available to all homebuilders, enabling increased profit to builders, suppliers and trades alike." Ideal Homes has always been on the cutting edge of new technologies to conserve energy and as Todd Booze of Ideal homes and President of the Oklahoma State Builders Association said, eliminating waste is just as important to Oklahoma builders as their counter parts in California or Canada. "As more Oklahoma builders embrace the Lean building philosophy advocated by Scott Sedam, we will see an astounding amount of waste eliminated and more financially successful builders across the board," Booze said. "I'm sure there are many others like me who expect Sedam's presentation to have a profound impact on our industry here in Oklahoma." Other speakers include Dr. Christopher Ramseyer of Director of Fears Structural Engineering Laboratory and University of Oklahoma School of Civil Engineering & Environmental. Science; Sean Rieger, attorney, architect and real estate broker; Kelly Parker, president of Guaranteed Watt Saver Systems; and Tarek Khan, a concrete specialist with BASF Construction Chemicals. Also speaking will be Curtis McCarty, a Certified Professional Builder with more than 21 years in residential construction in Oklahoma; Nathan Peil, a board certified engineer in asphalt, materials sampling and testing, concrete and aggregates; and Bryce Hanlon, a geotechnical engineer with experience on roadway, bridge and private development projects. "I heard lots of great tips," said Jay Johnston of Oklahoma City after the 2013 Building Summit. We know the 2014 summit will be just as valuable to our local builders. For registration information and details on the conference agenda, visit the 2014 Oklahoma Building Summit website at www.okbuildlingsummit.com.
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