Nursery Design Trends for 2021

February 25, 2021

In spite of all its challenges, the past year has made us at Ideal Homes & Neighborhoods appreciate having a nurturing home where we could find refuge and comfort. That appreciation and the desire to help our littles find peace, stability, and security has led to nursery design trends for 2021 that provide a haven, while celebrating our unique and individual design aesthetics. Here are the trends we see as big deals for our littles’ rooms:

A widely-shared desire for the comfort of what’s familiar, coupled with an appreciation for the convenience and innovation of what’s new, has led many designers to mix old, even antique, pieces with contemporary, new items in nurseries.

This trend for mixing has extended to include blending nostalgic down-home fabrics like gingham or floral prints with more sophisticated choices like chandeliers, gold accessories, and velvet chairs. Plus, the use of natural materials like wood, cane, and rattan adds a warm, cozy, and relaxed look to any child’s room.

It may be because we haven’t been able to actually travel during the pandemic, but exotic interiors appear to be especially popular. Whatever the reason, many designers are incorporating décor, photos, and prints from faraway travels into their nursery designs, as well as obvious travel references, like maps.

Jungle décor like stuffed giraffes, crafted animal head wall hangings or prints, along with animal print wallpaper, rugs and window treatments seem to be ever-growing in popularity. Adventure is out there!

Gender neutral rooms that don’t scream either “Boy” or “Girl” with traditional colors are popular right now. This is especially true for those who like to keep their design options completely open. This neutrality lends itself well to the use of a calming and soothing pastel as the primary color for the room.

Going with pastels, especially when selecting the paint for nursery walls, is a great choice for bedrooms shared by siblings. The light color gives you the flexibility to add pieces that reflect each child’s individuality, making it easy to incorporate additional colors preferred by each child for their part of the room, as they and their personalities grow.

Extremely popular during the past few years, the minimalist look of Scandinavian design remains strong for nurseries in 2021. In fact, it offers definite advantages for long-term use as a growing child’s room.

The clean lines, warm and cozy textures and pale walls used with Scandinavian design make it easy to change the décor, much as with the use of pastels mentioned above, as your child matures, and their personality develops.

In spite of our love of neutrals, the trend for colorful nurseries is definitely growing in 2021. This mood-enhancing approach provides a vast array of options.

You can paint the walls in one color, while using furniture in several other hues. With this trend you can also keep the walls simple and add pops of color through your choice of accessories, window treatments, furniture and prints.

This year, many are designing their nurseries to include earthy colors that represent and reflect the outside world. The rich hues of terra cotta, brown, and warm green all work to make a baby’s room look and feel warm, comfortable, and also sophisticated.

Actually bringing nature itself into nurseries by adding houseplants continues to be popular. Their use helps to purify the air in the room, while adding vibrancy and life, as well as providing a solution for hard-to-style corners.

Erin Yarbrough

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