Nothing Like Thanksgiving Memories of Home

November 24, 2011

Do you remember your childhood Thanksgivings? What do you remember most? Can you recall the feel of that festive atmosphere around your home? The aroma of turkey, pumpkin pie, and fires in the fireplace may come to mind. Can you hear the laughter as it trickles through the house? Holidays like Thanksgiving bring together families and create lasting memories. At the center of it all is your home. Home truly is where the heart is at family gatherings and feasts. It's not about the house, but the actual life that you've created. Your first new home is the center of things where lasting memories are built and carries through your life. You have a real sense of peace in your first new home. This is where you experience the firsts that mark the milestones of your life. The first time you set the table for a family gathering, put out the fall decorations, plan the meal and see the kids - cousins, siblings, nieces and nephews - rolling in the leaves, laughing and arguing over who gets the wishbone, a sense of warmth and belonging comes over you. Even if you move from house to house over the years, a home is where memories begin -- it is a memory of home not house that creates those "remember when's." Years and years from now, when you reflect upon these milestone memories that happen in your new house -- having the family for Thanksgiving, bringing babies home, and children learning to walk -- you will think fondly of, not the actual house, but the home where these memories were created. Feel free to share some of your memories with us. Image source: ©  
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