New Year's Resolutions Start With New Home Organization

January 2, 2014

Do you ever feel like you are more productive when you are more organized? Are you like millions of other people who feel like a new year is a fresh start and THIS is going to be the year you get organized? We are behind you all the way! In fact, here are a few tips to help you get your home organized and free from clutter so that your mind and body can follow. Organization is usually at the top of the list, as you get ready to put away all the holiday decorations and wipe the slate clean for a new year. Label and box for your own good. Make sure as you put away the holiday items you properly label them. This will save you time and headaches when you pull them out again next year. The same goes in a couple of months when you start packing away the winter gear and get ready to change out for spring. Labels are your friends. Inventory what you really used and need for next year. If something didn't come out this year, is it likely you'll use it next year? If not, it's a great time to make donations. You don't want to be storing items year after year that you aren't going to use. Storage solutions aren't just about putting it away; it's also deciding where it goes. Getting everything in the right place helps clear the clutter away and create the space you need to get on with the new year's resolutions. By putting holiday boxes in a less used area of your garage or home storage you wont create a barrier to other things that are used throughout the year. Remember, these items don't have to come out again for another 11 months. With a little labeling, inventorying, and organizing, you will make it so much easier to deck the halls next year. For more garage storage ideas check out this post.
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