New Homes the Neighborly Way - Guest Writer

November 7, 2011

Your new home search is drawing to a close. It's been an exciting and educational journey. If you have put significant time into the process, you are ahead of the masses. Home buyer studies show people spend more time researching flat screen televisions than they do the purchase of their homes. You are at the point your selections are narrowed down to two homes. Price, size, amenities and location are all ideal, but you just can't determine THE winner. Will it be the two-story new home with the gorgeous master suite or the new three-car garage home with the chef's kitchen? Try this simple, old-fashioned neighborly suggestion, and it may help you commit to the new home address that will find you instantly thrilled with your new home and the families residing nearest to yours. Knock on the doors of the families located around the homes you're considering. Introduce yourself and ask them about the community. What was their experience working with the builder before and after the sale? Ask about the homeowner's association. Ask how they feel about their existing neighbors. Observe the aesthetics of their property. What's the outward appearance of their home? Does it have attractive curb appeal, or does the yard need a landscaping miracle? Are there several cars parked on the property? What about boats or RVs? Is their front porch an unsightly storage spot? If you feel uncomfortable with their upkeep, select a different home site. When you meet the people who may be your new neighbors, you lay the foundation for positive interaction, if you choose to live next door. Evaluate your encounters and ask yourself what neighbors you prefer. Let those answers assist you with your final home. In this age of ever-changing technology and high-tech communication, knowing your neighbors is often an uncommon experience. Introducing yourself and extending a handshake prior to your new home purchase may be the smartest neighborly thing you'll ever do. For more suggestions on the new home selection process contact Ideal Homes at or call (405) 267-0049.
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