New Home Search Process Step By Step

October 17, 2013

Finding a new home may be on your list of things to do, but how to go about doing it may be escaping you. This list helps break down the new home search process into easy-to-manage chunks so that you can find that new home of your dreams. Step One: Decide on a Location - First decide on a location. What motivates you? Easy commute time to work? Are you looking for a great school system for the kids? Would you like easy access to friends and family? Once you figure out the location you can move to step two. Step Two: Decide on Your Criteria - Make a list of all the things you must have or you desire in your new home. Step Three: Get Pre-qualified - It's always important to know how much money will be comfortable and affordable for your new home before you begin your search. There's nothing like falling in love with a home or a community only to find out later that you can't afford it. Step Four: Online Search - Once you figure out your location, criteria and price range, you can begin your search online in the comfort of your own home. Top builders in the country have put together easy to use websites so you can begin your search from the armchair. Punch in a search, which includes your location and the words new homes, new construction, builders in, etc. These terms will help pull up websites of individual builders like Ideal Homes in your target location. Step Five: Online Inquiry - Once you find a couple of different builders that look like they have homes that may work for you, don't be afraid to ask for more information. Many builders have dedicated online sales people to help answer your questions and provide you with as much information and set appointments for you to visit their communities. This is especially helpful if you are coming in from out of town. Step Six: Set an Appointment - Often times a pre-set appointment will allow a builder's new home consultant to give you dedicated time and attention, tour you through the homes, and answer any questions you may have during your visit. Step Seven: Make a list of Questions Before You Visit - There's nothing like touring a new home community, seeing all the beautiful options the models have to offer, and then getting home only to realize there were a bunch of things you wanted to ask but forgot. Step Eight: Decide If They Stay On Your List - Once you begin making visits you'll more easily be able to keep or eliminate certain homes and builders based on the criteria and answers above. As you do this let the builders and their agents know if they are still on your list or not. This will allow you to get the most updated information only from the communities you decide you like. By letting the other sites know if you are no longer interested, this will help you remove the clutter from your inbox. By breaking down the process into a series of steps, this will help you progress from dreaming about a new home to owning a new one! As easy as one, two, three!
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