New Home, New School - 6 Back to School Tips

August 8, 2013

Many families plan their moves to coincide with summer break. This gives everyone a chance to settle into their new surroundings, while allowing a smooth transition from one school to the next. Often it can be difficult to change schools mid year. It's harder to make friends and it may be more difficult to establish new patterns, activities, and meet new teachers mid stream. The beginning of a school year is a great clean slate and makes it easier to start fresh. Since school is almost back in session, we put together 6 tips to help adjust to a new school. Start Out On The Right Foot - Get your kids organized. Find out from the school if there is a list of supplies needed and make sure you have everything to ease into the first day of classes. Map it Out - Sometimes not knowing where you are going can be one of the most difficult and stressful aspects of a new school. Take the time to investigate the new school with your child and walk the halls. If you are able to get a hold of an actual class schedule before the first day, go explore the school and learn where the classrooms are, where the lunch room is, and other key areas around the school. Do a Trial Run - Make sure to investigate where the bus stop is, or if your children will be walking to school, map out a safe and quick route so that they know exactly where they will be going before their first day arrives. Stay Positive - If you are positive and confident in the new school and area it will help your kids feel more at ease. As you get closer to the first day of school, find out in casual conversation the biggest fears your kids may have about their upcoming school. Reassure them that other kids will have the exact same feelings. Avoid the Morning Rush - Make sure to get everything together the day before your child's first day of school to cut down on confusion and start the day on time the next morning. Friendship skills - Help your child prepare to make new friends by reminding them of some basic social skills that can go a long way. Remind them to smile, ask questions, and find out about teams and clubs that will help promote like interests. With a great attitude, knowing the ropes, a little advanced planning and some social skills, you can help your kids make the transition to a brand new school. Now get ready to go back to school by checking out our Back to School Checklist.
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