National Roller Coaster Day

August 16, 2017

It seems there’s a “day” for everything, and today is no exception. Happy National Roller Coaster Day! As much as we’d love to take the day off at Ideal Homes and spend our time riding roller coasters, we have homes to build. Instead, we hope you’ll celebrate with us by watching this hilarious video of Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart riding a roller coaster. And don't miss this kid’s priceless reaction to his first roller coaster ride. If those get you in a thrill-seeking mood, check out this list of the world’s coolest roller coasters. Here in Oklahoma you can find four coasters at Frontier City in Oklahoma City – the Brain Drain, the Diamondback, the Silver Bullet, and the Wildcat. As they say on the National Roller Coaster Day’s official website, may the force of gravity be with you!
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