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National Housing Quality Awards

National Housing Quality Award Winning Homebuilder

January 30, 2024

This is the second home we have purchased with Ideal. And again, they did not disappoint

with the level and quality of the build. Keep being great!

̶̶̶  Charlie

Ideal Homes & Neighborhoods thinks of the long-term quality of your home in every aspect of our building process along with how we hold ourselves accountable to benefit IDEAL homeowners.

IDEAL is the most nationally recognized homebuilder in Oklahoma. One of the reasons for this is our National Housing Quality Award from the National Association of Home Builders. Our attention to quality and detail secured both a silver and gold award 20 years ago and our focus on these areas has only increased.

Since 1993, the National Housing Quality Award has recognized homebuilders for their operational excellence through a rigorous evaluation process. The award is facilitated by NAHB’s Research Institute – the industry’s leading think tank for developing, evaluating and launching state-of-the-art building systems and processes.

Professional Builder Magazine said, “Ideal Homes & Neighborhoods … "does it right," with a strong company culture that values its employees.”

IDEAL's goal then was to offer quality, affordable homes based on the vision of building the American dream through relationships with customers, partners and co-workers. While the definition of an affordable home has certainly changed over the last 20 years, the goal to offer our customers a quality product that serves them well for many years has not. We’ve simplified our “WHY” recently to “Create IDEAL places to live and work.”

Professional Builder went on to say: Ideal Homes & Neighborhoods values quality in building the best performing homes through its people and processes. It holds integrity in honesty, reliability and accountability and promotes leadership for inspiring higher performance from others through its actions.

IDEAL has always approached business with the expectation of continuous improvement. Three years ago, we launched a comprehensive program for customer feedback that allows us to develop initiatives based on our homeowners’ experiences. We’ve focused on improving communications, developed new employee training, and focused on areas of the building process that need more attention. This has increased our customer satisfaction by more than 15% in the past year.