Moore, Oklahoma - Close to home shopping and entertainment

July 3, 2018

Ideal’s three Norman communities, Featherstone, Native Plains and Wildflower, are all located between Penn and Western, south of S.W. 149th Street (S.W. 19th St. in Moore) and north of S.W. 164th (S.W. 34th St. in Moore). Much of Moore’s retail shopping and entertainment opportunities are conveniently located between these communities and I-35 to the east. Your family can enjoy shopping, eating out and catching a movie, all close to home. On I-35 beginning south of S.W. 4th St. in Moore, you will find Multi-purpose shopping: Banking Hotels Food, etc. – follow these links for menu options Entertainment You’ll find even more shopping and entertainment extending west toward Ideal’s neighborhoods along major roads. General purpose shopping Places to Eat
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