Kitchen cabinet trends for 2017

March 6, 2017

Kitchens continue to evolve from the functional space to a creative, inspiring one. Kitchen cabinets play a big role in the aesthetic transformation, because they account for a large amount of space. Style In 2017, we’re seeing some trends continue, like the preference for Shaker style and upper cabinets that are also taller, extending to the ceiling. The simple lines of Shaker cabinets present a classic look that will withstand changing design trends elsewhere in the room (like countertops and backsplashes). Glass-front doors for the upper cabinets (some or all) give you a showplace for your dishes, pottery, crystal, and other pieces worth showing off. Add light inside the cabinets for a gallery look. Function Homeowners want more function from their cabinets. Pull-out doors and drawers make it easier to access what’s inside, and corner cabinets allow you to utilize every inch of space. Reducing clutter in the kitchen isn’t just stashing away more items, but also minimizing the visual impact. You can do that by hiding your microwave inside a cabinet, for example. Color White cabinets are still the most popular choice for today’s kitchen, but gray continues to trend in kitchen design—light, medium, or dark, warm or cool gray. Although neutral, any shade of gray brings character to your kitchen. For those homeowners who prefer the look of natural wood, the stains are trending toward lighter colors. Hardware Cabinet hardware is the accessory that completes the look. You don’t need to match every drawer pull and knob. The center cup pull looks great on drawers and complements many other styles, like the contemporary straight line and more traditional knobs. Don’t take your kitchen for granted. When you refresh the look, you’ll enjoy the space much more. If you’re looking for a home with a kitchen that’s trending, contact us at Ideal Homes.
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