Keep Close With a Keeping Room

July 11, 2017

The open floor plan is a popular concept in today’s new home designs. It allows for a more spacious feeling and breaks down barriers to socializing. But the idea isn’t a new one. Back in the Colonial days, before homes spanned thousands of square feet, people live in cabins with the “open floor plan”. Back then, homes had a space called “a keeping room” or “hearth room”, a nook near the kitchen usually featuring a hearth where the family gathered for warmth. Centuries before electronics, families spent their days working their farms and used the early evening to be together by the fire—sharing stories, mending, and playing games. It was the warmest place in the home because of the fireplace and the nearby stove. In colder weather, the residents might even sleep in this space. The keeping room has experienced a renaissance in today’s home designs. This cozy space is located near the kitchen and provides a sitting area where people can chat between with whoever is manning the cooking duties. The keeping room provides a solution to “keeping” people out of the kitchen when you’re busy in there, while also keeping them close enough so you can be social. Not to be confused with a breakfast nook, the keeping room usually includes comfortable seating, maybe a sofa or loveseat and occasional tables. Homeowners are adding a fireplace for a touch of coziness. This room is also a wonderful place to read, listen to music, while you have something cooking in the kitchen. Kids can do their homework or you can even entertain a friend or two in this casual area. Set out a game table for puzzles, chess, or some other ongoing pursuit. A keeping room could be a sunroom or even a den in today’s homes. It’s not as large as a living room or family room—nor should it be! Think cozy, casual, and comfortable. With more homeowners embracing the idea of a keeping room, Ideal Homes has incorporated this space into our new home designs. Ideal Homes’ Oakland floor plan, for example, includes a spacious kitchen and an adjoining hearth room, with the requisite fireplace. Our popular Marshall and Newkirk Hearth plans also offer this feature. If you’re thinking about planning a new home in the Oklahoma City region, talk to us at Ideal Homes to see how we can help you plan a home that is worth “keeping”.
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