Interior Design 101: To Help With a Quick Sale

October 20, 2011

A house has two first impressions: the curb appeal and the first thing seen when you walk through the door. Your entry way sets the tone for the rest of the home tour. Make sure your floors are clean, and the décor is open and welcoming. As you move through your house updating it and making is sale ready, there are several things to take a look at and this checklist can help get you organized. Many people think that when it comes to selling their homes they have to update the bathrooms and kitchens and put in expensive hardwood floors. If you have the money in the budget to do this then great! But more often then not it's not really an option in order to get the home sold. So now what? Having a clean, de-clutter home can go a long way in making it appealing to the everyday buyer who walks through the door. Just a few places to spend money may help a lot. Money well spent includes a fresh coat of neutral paint colors to both freshen the look and the tone of the home. Also taking the time and money to steam clean the carpets will go a long way in brightening up dingy rooms. But truly, the key to allowing your potential homebuyers to envision themselves in your space is to remove all unwanted knick-knacks, toys, papers, and furniture. You want the buyers to envision their things, not yours, in the home. Take down all the personal items and get them ready for the move. Do you have lots of big bulky furniture? Pare it down so that you only have what you need to show off the room. Create wide walking spaces and clear surfaces. Do you keep every single appliance on your kitchen counter tops in order to access them easily? Take them off the counter top and store them away. Remember that people will open your closets and pantries and look in your garage. If you throw all the clutter into these locations haphazardly it will look as if there is inadequate storage in the home. So take the time to organize as you de-clutter the visible spaces. When you know your home is going to be shown, make sure you make all the beds, straighten as much as possible, open the blinds, and turn all the lights on. This will create a light airy effect to show the natural light and features of your home. Just these few inexpensive fixes paired with elbow grease, will help create an appealing atmosphere and allow your potential buyers to see your home as their own. Image source: ©
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