Ideal Homes Core Value of Relationships

May 27, 2011

During our monthly staff meetings, I am reminded how much this company cares about customers and employees. We start our meetings with deposits. 'Deposits' are accolades given to one another to show appreciation for going above and beyond scope of responsibilities. It is enjoyable to hear how the different departments both relate to one another and respect the work accomplished by individuals within the departments. This month one of my deposits given was to our Customer Care team. There is a woman, Angie, who called me and stated she had been unable to open one of her bedroom windows since she purchased her home over 15 years ago. Her daughter's window became impossible to open as well. Angie mentioned her home is located in an Ideal Homes community. I sent an email to Customer Care. They researched the address and found the home to have been built by another builder in 1997. Our Director of Customer Care still elected to dispatch someone from the team to look into the issue. They were able to use Teflon spray and dislodge both windows, which now work fine. Angie was thrilled and I felt proud of our team. Ideal Homes Core Values are Integrity, Quality, Leadership and Relationships. This instance as well as the deposit routine at the open of all staff meetings are examples of how Ideal Homes enforces their Core Value of Relationships. Not only do they treat every home buyer the same, they extend courtesy and responsiveness to vendors, employees and individuals in the community. Email any positive stories you may have about an Ideal Homes experience to We can blog about it!
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