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Ideal Homes & Neighborhoods Gives $58k to Harrah Community for New Playground at Virginia Smith Elementary School

Ideal Community Outreach Efforts

March 3, 2023

Ideal Homes & Neighborhoods is committed to giving back to the local communities where they build. Ideal recently began developing The Woodlands community, off Reno and Dobbs, and wanted to offer outreach efforts to the local Harrah community.

Ronda McKown, Ideal Homes Outreach Ministry Leader, reached out to Harrah Superintendent Paul Blessington about the needs of the school district and learned that the top priority where funds were needed was a new playground for Virginia Smith Elementary School. Unfortunately, several children had sustained injuries due to the playground’s age and were in need of repairs. A new playground would provide a much safer environment for children to play in and explore. The new play equipment would be updated and meet all current safety standards. Blessington suggested working with the Parent Teacher Association to explore their fundraising effort. The collaboration began between McKown and the PTA on the financial needs of the school. Ideal Homes & Neighborhoods is announcing a donation of $58k toward a new playground at Virginia Smith Elementary School. “Ideal Homes believes it is so important for children to have a safe place to play and learn, not only in schools but also in the communities that we build,” said Steve Shoemaker, President of Ideal Homes & Neighborhoods. “That is just one of the many reasons we felt this was a great opportunity for us to offer funding for the playground project at Virginia Smith Elementary School.”

“We are so excited about the plans for the upcoming playground,” said Tiffani Patrick, Virginia Smith Elementary School Principal. “The final decisions for the equipment are still being made but we hope to start the process in the next several months.”

Ideal Homes & Neighborhoods gives back 10% of profits to local, national, and international charitable organizations. Over the past 30 years, the company, and individuals at Ideal have focused on philanthropic efforts to help offer a hand-up in making an impact on the areas where we live and work.

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