Ideal Homes and Neighborhoods Building Butterfly Gardens for Monarchs Migrating Through Oklahoma

September 16, 2020

NORMAN, OKLA. – Ideal Homes and Neighborhoods is building new pollinator habitats within their communities around Oklahoma to attract butterflies. These gardens will provide a stop for monarchs that will be migrating through Oklahoma within the next few weeks. Trish Morris, Community Development Project Manager, is the driving force behind the initiative. Monarch butterflies and several other pollinator species have been declining at an alarming rate for the past decade. Morris wanted to find a way to help pollinators and also provide beautiful outdoor spaces for homeowners. Morris will join The Nature Conservancy in their webinar on September 23 at noon to talk about incorporating these habitats within new home development. “Over the years, Ideal Homes and Neighborhoods has given me the freedom to search out new ways to bring nature into our neighborhoods and really get serious about getting our butterfly gardens beyond just something pretty to look at,” said Morris. “Knowing that we are doing something more than just building homes is a huge benefit. People want to be close to nature, but also close to home, and this pollinator project does just that.” Register for the webinar at
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