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April 12, 2021

If you’re thinking about building a custom home with Ideal Homes and Neighborhoods, but worry the myriad of decisions will be overwhelming, rest easy. The Ideal Homes & Neighborhoods Design Center stands ready to help you through the maze of turning a new house into a home. We can offer design advice on every aspect of the aesthetics of your new home – exterior finishes, cabinet styles and paint or stain colors, countertops and backsplashes, flooring, faucets, lighting and more.

We can even help with all those small details like where to place your television. We’ll help you choose where you should place extra electrical outlets and how many you need. Do you want cables and cords hidden? Maybe you want to light a bookshelf or display your prize aquarium. You will need extra outlets in areas where they are not called for by code. Again, our designers have the answers.

The Process

Our Design Center will help you focus on what is important when making those decisions about options impacting the ambiance and livability of your new home. Soon after signing your new home contract, you will receive a welcome packet that includes a copy of your chosen floor plan, a Design Guide and a worksheet with questions to answer and options to select.

As you get close to your Design Center experience, you will be matched with an Ideal Homes & Neighborhoods designer who will take you step-by-step through the entire process. The decisions are yours, but your designer can help you narrow the choices that interest you. Generally, most homebuyers make their final selections on design elements within 30 days of being assigned a designer. Completing your homework in the Design Guide will speed up the process.

Yes, There’s Homework

The Design Guide contains homework tasks to move the process along and focus attention on specific decisions that need to be made. Answering these questions and thinking through the process will help you feel more comfortable with your decisions and the entire homebuilding process. The guide provides information on every decision you will need to make, both big and small. 

If you complete the homework, the meetings with your designer are more productive. Time at the Design Center can be spent confirming your decisions and then considering more detailed items.

Initial Zoom Meeting

Your designer will interact with you initially through a Zoom meeting; the meeting is personal and specific to your needs, one-on-one. Zoom allows flexible scheduling so you can sit in the comfort of your own home while going over options with your design expert. This meeting generally lasts about two hours and covers the all-important budget and other options available to you such as extra fencing or concrete, extra electrical outlets, and more.

In-Person Options Selection

After the initial Zoom session, you will meet in person with your designer to make final option selections. At this meeting, you’ll be able to see and touch actual finishes to judge color and texture to make sure your choices are exactly what you want. After all, you’ll be living with these decisions for a while! This meeting lasts two to three hours and is held at the Design Center with only you and the designer present. This is important decision-making time, so distractions should be held to a minimum. For everyone’s safety, CDC guidelines will be observed (which means everyone is masked and socially distanced), and the center is carefully cleaned between meetings.

Zoom Sign-Off Meeting

After finishes and other options are selected, there will be a sign-off meeting via Zoom. Meetings can be scheduled during the day or evening to allow for maximum flexibility. This method seems to work well for most customers, especially those, like our service men and women, moving here from out of state.

After Final Sign-Off

Your selections and support documents will be converted into a building plan. Your new home will go through purchasing and permitting, purchase orders will be issued, and the Start Packet will be sent to the builder. This process takes about three weeks. You will meet with the builder and the new home consultant at the beginning of construction to get things rolling.

Trust the Process!

We know you’re anxious to get into your new house so we’ll work hard to complete construction as quickly as possible.

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