How Ideal Stays True to Core Values

January 12, 2011

I was asked to write a blog post as an introduction of my position. Those of you who thought you came to the Ideal Homes blog with expectation of reading enlightening industry related tidbits, please accept my apology. You will read instead a possibly boring post, but know it is written with love. It is wonderful to report after over ten years experience in the Oklahoma City corporate realm my home has been found with a home builder committed to excellence. My passion is to build community among people and Ideal Homes passionately builds communities for people. Ideal Homes was a builder / developer partner of mine when I worked with Cox Communications. During meetings their primary question was, "how does this help our home buyers?" Based on the parameters of our partnership, they executed all deliverables as needed and were more than willing to openly communicate. They definitely earned the 2010 Builder of the Year honor extended to them by Professional Builder Magazine. Their Core Values: Integrity, Quality, Leadership and Relationships drive their interactions with purchasers of new homes as well as vendors, partners, local communities and employees. Their Vision: "Building the American dream through mutually beneficial relationships with customers, contractors and co-workers" sets the tone of their corporate environment. It is an honor to have joined the Ideal Homes family. Serving in the capacity of Community Outreach Specialist will give me the opportunity to be an extension of Ideal Homes among local corporate entities, chambers, civic organizations and via online mediums. I look forward to writing future blog posts to further share both their story and the stories of their home buyers. If you or anyone you know in Oklahoma City, Norman, Stillwater, Midwest City, Mustang or Edmond look to purchase a new home, please consider Ideal Homes. Their Mission: "Quality Affordable Homes, Today and Tomorrow" is even reflected in their Design Center options, quality and affordability of upgrades. Remember, "Anything Else is Less than Ideal!" Thank you for perusing this post and your feedback is greatly appreciated. Visit our other online accounts: friend us, watch us, follow us, link to us and help us get to know you.
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