Home Buying Tips from Elena Mora, Senior Online Home Consultant

August 9, 2021

Whether it’s because your lease is about to expire, you’re PCS’ing to Tinker, have a job transfer, or you simply have a goal to sell your home and be in a different home by a certain time, if you want to move into your new home before the end of the year, Elena says, “NOW is the time to start researching your options.”

Elena has helped families find their IDEAL Home for the past 17 years. “We have several homes under construction that will be complete from September thru December, so our homes are a great option for those wanting to move by a certain time.” However, just because these homes won’t be move-in ready for a few months, doesn’t mean they won’t go under contract before they’re complete. “Several of our homes sell before they even get to drywall, so waiting to begin your home search until a month before you want to move will create disappointment and frustration during - what should be – a fun and exciting time.”

Elena recommends the following Home Buying Tips if you’d like to move before the end of the year:

  • Start researching your options NOW – “Our website is updated daily, and it shows all of our available inventory for each neighborhood with completion dates so you can better determine which homes will line up with your time frame.”
  • Contact Ideal’s Online Team – “Chelsie and I are a great resource to get fast answers to your questions. Our goal is to help make your home search as easy and stress-free as possible while keeping urgency in mind. We don’t want our customers to miss out on their favorite home, which is why we encourage everyone to schedule an in-person or virtual tour.”
  • Visit our homes and neighborhoods – “The best way to narrow down your options is to experience them in person (or virtually). Our sales team won’t just show you where our available homes are being built, they’ll also explain our quality of construction, warranties and show you the colors and options going into our new homes.” (We’re happy to meet customers virtually via Zoom, FaceTime, or Duo.)
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