Hail and Wind Damage: Getting Help With Your Roofing Needs After The Storms

June 6, 2013

The recent storms and tornadoes have caused a great deal of damage to homes in and around Oklahoma City. Ideal Homes is trying to do what it can for displaced families who have suffered due to the loss and damage of their homes. One major area of concern is roof damage caused by the hail and rain that has accompanied the recent storms. For those who are experiencing roof damage, it can be nerve wracking to get an appointment for an inspection and a repair estimate due to the high demand for reputable roofing companies. It's not uncommon for fly by night con men to blow into town shortly after a natural disaster and cause just as much damage as the storm. Ways to protect yourself against roofer cons:
  • If you already have a trusted roof contractor, go with the company you know.
  • Whenever possible get several inspections and bids to choose from.
  • Make sure your estimates include the same weight and quality of materials so you are comparing apples to apples when choosing your contractor.
  • Look over a contract thoroughly before signing anything.
  • Do not make any advanced payments or payments in full up front.
  • Never tell the contractor how much your insurance company will pay on the claim.
  • Find out the licensing requirements in your area and make sure the contractors you are considering meet those requirements.
  • Ask for business license number and or check them out with the Better Business Bureau.
  • Make sure the roofer is insured.
  • Make sure you get a written labor warranty.
If you haven't called for service yet, you may want to set up an appointment to have your roof inspected. While the storms may not have resulted in the loss of shingles or immediate roof leaks, there still could be unseen damage. Ways to identify potential hail damage:
  • If you've seen hail damage to your car or gutters, it's a good possibility your roof has seen some damage too.
  • If you know your neighborhood has been hit by severe hail, you may have roof damage.
  • If your neighbors are experiencing roof damage, there's a high likelihood that your home needs to be inspected also.
  • Check downspouts to see if granules have washed off your roof. Excessive amounts could be a sign of hail damage.
  • Even if your roof isn't leaking right now, dents punctures and holes will weaken roofing materials.
Don't settle for less than a qualified, licensed and experienced roofing company. Two companies that we work with and highly recommend are Jeff McRay at McRay Roofing 405-833-6867 and Kevin Boyle with Jenco Construction 405-615-0558. No matter who you choose, make sure they are licensed, experienced and insured.
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