Guest Blog - Michael Ridge Design Interview Part 2

May 22, 2012

Making the rooms within the four walls of your new home reflect your individuality isn't difficult. A little confidence, being happy in your space and not having too much stuff goes a long way, according to Michael Ridge, Ideal Homes Special Projects Coordinator. For someone without a decorator's flair or an eye for design, how do you know if something looks good? If they (accessories or collectibles) make you happy in your space - it's important to keep the things you value. Those things have a history; there's a story behind them. If you value items, hang them on the wall and be proud. Experiment with color and have a little faith in it. People lack the confidence to just try; that little creativity can change your space. Do all the rooms in your home need to match or have the same theme or style? Michael recommends that the new home's main living areas contain three to four coordinating colors that tie everything together. Other than that, a matching theme isn't important. Personal spaces should mirror the personalities and lifestyles of the new home owners. "That's who they are - that's their space - that's their expression," she said. Do you decorate your new home with what's popular and trendy, or do you stick with basic neutral colors and accessories? This all depends on the length of time you'll be staying in your new home. A short-term stay, two years or less, probably means you should remain conservative in your décor. A longer stay, however, gives the new home owners more freedom and flexibility to decorate to their heart's content. If you're going to stay a while, do what makes you happy. Where are the best places to get decorating ideas? Study the fashion world for fabric and clothing trends. Magazines, fabric stores and model homes also provide great ideas. Design Examples What's the easiest way to re-use the accessories already in your home without spending any money? Cluster things together - something tall, something short. Don't balance accessories too much and forget symmetry. In other words decorate in odd-number arrangements, even when planting flowers. How do you know if your new home has good energy flow? "Avoid having too much stuff in a room, and watch the placement of furniture. Don't keep everything flat against the wall", Michael stated. Decorating and designing your new home space doesn't need to break the bank, and it doesn't require a decorating degree. Michael believes you just have to give it a try. "People are fearful that what they do will be wrong. Just go for it," Michael said. "Just do something. Don't get stuck. That one new thing can lead to another idea." For more decorating information, contact Ideal Homes at (405) 267-0049 or visit our website Ideal Homes.
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