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Get Wicked Chic with DIY for Halloween

Get Wicked Chic with a DIY Halloween

October 17, 2022

Add a pinch of cleverness, a dash of budget, and a whole lot of creativity to create fabulous do-it-yourself Halloween décor. Not everyone wants to spend what it takes for those great animatronic skeletons or witches that fly overhead. But there’s no need to count yourself out if you’re on a budget! There are plenty of DIY ideas online to keep your house and party on the spooky list.

First and foremost, have fun. That could be hosting a dinner party, a trick-or-treating costume watch, a horror-movie marathon, or just enjoying your favorite candy. Check out a few of these DIY Halloween decorating ideas from House Beautiful to get your home ready for the frightfully fun season.

String art

A simple project that requires a hanging wood sign, colored string, nails, and a pattern. Check out string art kits on Etsy or create your own. The kits include easy-to-follow instructions, and no experience is required! The cool pumpkin kit sells for $14.50 and can be used for years and years, from late September to Thanksgiving.

A marigold garland

Perfect for the entire fall season, a DIY marigold garland will add a pop of color to any area in your home. All you need are thread, scissors, needles, and flowers. Cut off the stems and stitch the flower heads together in whatever pattern suits your fall fancy. Throw in a few leaves, and you’ve got yourself a garland!

Crystal ball candlesticks

Start with old candlesticks painted black. Fill clear glass Christmas bulbs with spooky images on transparency film, and you’ve created some eerie crystal balls for your mantel or table. Click on the link for the tutorial.

Fabric pumpkins

If you have any kind of sewing skills, a few fashion fabric pumpkins might be right up your alley. Turn any festive fabric, like an orange bandana or black and white plaid, into a mini pumpkin. You’ll need a needle and thread, fiberfill, and sticks for the stems. Here’s the how-to.

Burlap pumpkin banner

Every home space loves a little texture. Try this banner that features burlap pumpkins hung with clothespins on twine. Rustic buffalo check burlap works excellent. Easy breezy and super festive! Here’s the tutorial.

Spidery hand soap

Grab liquid hand soap pumps from your local dollar store and fill them with a few plastic spiders or festive confetti for an ominous touch. Here’s how.

Candle drip magic

All you have to do for this one is light some drip candles, let them work their magic, and arrange them around the house. Bonus if you display them in spooky, black-painted wine bottles! Major fright-night thrills, but don’t burn yourself!

Crafty pumpkin topiary

What about a pumpkin topiary with painted plastic pumpkins stacked at wacky angles? Carve your favorite scary face, and add to a barrel planter with lights and hay for a wickedly good welcome. Here’s a tutorial.

Add a few black and white pumpkins

A simple fall décor idea for inside or out. On your porch, line up a selection of pumpkins, leaving some orange, some white, and then paint at least one of them black to bring a little darkness to the mix. Add some gourds, and you’re ready for the season. Here’s a guide to show you the way. You can use the same idea with small pumpkins on a mantle or table. The link has lots of photos and ideas.

Make a pumpkin vase

Turn a real or fake pumpkin into a vase for a Halloween-chic centerpiece. Add your favorite fall flowers and persimmons to fill the vase. This bouquet can see you through Thanksgiving, too!

There are dozens more ideas online at House Beautiful in addition to what’s listed here. Festive, budget-friendly ideas you can do yourself help make your Ideal home ideally spooky, witchy, and scary good fun this season!