Geothermal: What Is It and Why Does it Benefit Homeowners?

April 11, 2013

Geothermal heating and cooling for your home can free homeowners from fluctuating energy costs, and save money on power bills immediately while reducing fossil fuel use. How it Works: The system works by tapping into the earth below the frost line where consistent temperatures are maintained around 50 degrees. One of the greatest demands on traditional HVAC systems is the movement of heat. This energy intensive process accounts for more than half the normal energy demand to heat and cool a home. With geothermal, rather than going from sub zero temperatures to 68 degrees, the demand on the system is a lot more even when starting at the midpoint of 50. Geothermal differs from other renewable energy resources because it is a constant. The earth does not change, where cloudy days and windless days can have its effects on systems that utilize solar and wind. The System: In simple terms, a closed loop water-filled pipe transfers heat from the earth to the house by using pumps to cycle through the geothermal unit, which then heats or cools the air and sends it through normal ductwork in the home. It can also be used to heat water for home use as well, further reducing energy costs. Proven Track Record: While many see geothermal as a "new" technology as it become more mainstreamed into the general public, the technology actually has been around for decades and geothermal pumps have been employed and in operation around the world with success. Geothermal Savings: On average homeowners save around $1000 per year on energy for heating and cooling and around $500 a year on the cost of repairing and maintaining traditional HVAC systems. Installing Geothermal After You Build Your Home: Adding a geothermal system after a home is built can cost upwards of $42,000 according to an article on but a significant portion of that costs comes from excavating to install the system. Homeowners who install these systems do receive some kick back though with a 30% income tax credit for going green. Install Geothermal With a New Build: Here at Ideal Homes we offer Oklahoma City's first geothermal ready communities, and the cost from the ground up is more economical than adding a system later. Why not start your new home off with the best possible systems to help your family save and do your part in going green and lowering your family's carbon footprint. Contact us for more information on our geothermal homes and ask about the EnergyAdvantage. photo courtesy of IGSHPA
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