Garage Door Care

September 24, 2012

As you are checking things off your home maintenance list this fall, don't forget to add your garage door to the list for some TLC. This quick and simple tip will keep your garage door operating in tip-top shape. Tip: Once every three months lubricate the chain that does the heaving lifting on your garage door. Just follow these simple steps: Purchase a can of silicone lubricant from Wal-Mart or your local home and garden store. Make sure you are not wearing a loose fitting shirt with long sleeves. You don't want to get your shirt caught in the chain. With the garage door closed, place a stool or a step-ladder under the chain track. Method 1: Have someone open the garage door. As the door opens, spray a stream of the lubricant on the chain as it runs the track near the rear of the mechanical system. Method 2: With the garage door closed, spray the lubricant on a clean dry rag and rub the entire chain with the rag. If you use this method, do not operate the garage door! Important Note: Do not use WD40 or similar products. They will actually strip away the lubricant on the chain, leaving it dry. While you are on the step-ladder, go ahead and look for any loose bolts, screws, or debris that might interfere with the chain.  
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