Four Warranty Benefits Of New Home Construction

February 4, 2016

4201 Lorings Circle - High Res-6There are many benefits to buying a new home. Your home is built to current codes and standards. Your home is constructed to the latest energy efficient guidelines. The most up to date materials are used in building your new home. There are many other great things that make buying new verses used a real benefit to a new homebuyer. One great advantage is the peace-of-mind you gain from the myriad of warranties associated with a new home. There are several levels of assurance you will receive from a good homebuilder which include walk-throughs, checklists, and in-house and outside warranties. 1) As your home is being built there are a number of walk-throughs that may take place with the homeowner which coincide with the inspections. Whether or not you personally walk through your new home, the builder will conduct walkthroughs with inspectors that make sure all your electrical, plumbing and construction are up to current codes. 2) Ideal Homes provides a one-year warranty that allows for repairs to issues discovered after the construction of the home and move in. For instance it is not uncommon to see nail pops as a home settles. Customer Care will then come in and fix building related issues such as those and other construction related issues. 3) All your appliances, mechanical equipment, roofing, and siding come with warranties from the various companies who make the equipment or manufacture the materials. If there are defects and problems and if it is a default of the product the company will take care of the issues. 4) A ten-year structural warranty is administered by an outside warranty company. In essence this is a policy provided by a third party who is ensuring that if any structural defects within the parameters of the warranty were to happen. Because it is an outside company providing this warranty, builders have to prove the quality of construction and pass muster with these companies in order to be taken on as a client by the third party warranty provider. This in itself is a statement on the quality of construction and reputation of a builder. The conditions of various warranty types, terms, and time limits differ from builder to builder. For more information on the specific warranties provided with your Ideal Homes home, contact us.
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