Finding the Right Oklahoma City Home Builder

September 10, 2015

oklahoma city home buildersAs you drive around the Oklahoma City Metro Area searching for new homes, sometimes the choices can be staggering. If you’ve never searched for a brand new home before it may seem a little daunting. What do you look for? How do you compare builders? How do you know who builds a quality home? Here are a few tips to help set you on the right path toward home ownership and finding the right builder to build your new home in the Oklahoma City Metro. Longevity – Take a look at how long a builder has been around. This will tell you a lot about a home builder in OKC. The more experience a builder has had, the more likely they are to build a quality home. During the last housing market downturn, many builders had to close their doors. Those who were left standing are stronger than ever and likely have great business practices along with a superior approach to building homes. Local – Look for the local builders. Local builders are the ones who are committed to the area. They don’t just build up a community as fast as they can and move on to the next, sometimes even out of town. They are invested in the community, and the neighborhoods not just their bottom line and profit margins. For instance, Ideal Homes gives back to community on a regular basis with lots of charity initiatives. Communication – A good home builder starts the process of putting their home buyers at ease with the very first contact. They make sure they have qualified, competent employees who can answer all your questions and demystify the building process for you. At Ideal Homes we have our online sales counselor Elena, who is the first line of answers for any of our future home buyers. She can answer questions, set appointments, and help fill out your knowledge base when it comes to searching for a new home. Quality of Construction – This is a very important factor in finding the home builder to match your needs. No one wants a home of inferior quality. Quality actually starts with the quality of information that you can gain from looking at websites. It continues on through the quality of communication from talking with online sales counselors to site agents. After that, of course, visiting the models for yourself and walking through and asking questions about the construction process is a must. This will allow you to learn about energy efficiency, materials, and construction. Press and Public Image – Research a builder. See what people are saying. Most importantly look at the types of industry recognition they receive on a regular basis. It’s one thing to see how customers value their interactions with a builder. But also just as important, seeing how they rate amongst their peers. Compare Apples to Apples – When you are searching for new homes make sure you know what you are comparing. From materials to energy efficiency. Make sure you do a fair comparison. It’s not simply about price. There are many contributing factors that can cause a home to be priced higher, and if you aren’t looking at these quality items, you may discount one builder without really understanding what goes into their homes. As an example, Ideal Homes has created the first Geothermal homes in the Oklahoma City Area. This type of construction will create unmatched energy savings over the life of the home. Make sure to consider these types of factors when examining the pros and cons of any new home. If you keep some of these factors in mind while comparing builders in the OKC area, it will make it easier to narrow down your choices and find the right home for you and your family.
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