Finalization Meeting, Kids and a Bad Husband

February 4, 2015

Julie, an Ideal Homes employee, and her husband Kevin are sharing their experience of building a new Ideal Home. You can read their previous posts here: Post 1: Our New Home – The First Step Post 2: Designing Our Home – A Female and a Male Perspective Post 3: His and Her Top Ten Things Learned in the Selections Process Written by Kevin: There are a number of reasons to choose Ideal Homes, but I think one of the key aspects of the company is that it’s so family friendly. This was apparent with our finalization meeting this past week. We sat down for our meeting with a rambunctious 10-month-old and even-keeled six-year-old in tow. These two aren’t bad unless you factor in two hours of watching mom and dad go over details of a house--exciting to every child under ten. Most parents have probably experienced these situations. It’s equivalent to wrangling a herd of cats. For the most part, I sat in the floor listening to Melody go over our options and doing my best to entertain the youth. Julie spent the time making sure everything was good to go and that I didn’t miss anything important. Melody didn’t seem to mind the commotion I was causing, and each Ideal Homes Selection Center employee was supportive of my plight to corral the boys. See, aside from the homes being built to the highest standards and superb energy efficiencies, Ideal Homes is for families. That is one thing that I’ve loved about my wife working there. They understand family comes first and have always been supportive when life gets in the way. This isn’t just a mindset for employees, but for customers as well. I've gotten to experience this firsthand because my wife is an employee and I’m also a customer. When we walked in with two disruptive kiddos, the great staff at Ideal Homes didn't miss a beat. I do have to admit there was a lull in the process, but that wasn’t because anyone was dragging their feet. You can expect a few down moments because depending on options selected, Ideal Homes has to get a price on it. This takes time. In the down time, we had our lighting meeting. And…by we, I mean I was a bad husband and skipped out so it was Julie and her mom. I don’t think she minded me watching the kids at home while she selected light fixtures. However, I have been banned from the following sayings: “Why did you choose this one?” “You know what would’ve been better?” “Is it possible to replace the outdoor lighting?” These are just a few things I can’t say because I skipped the lighting meeting, which is good with me since she pretty much gave me marching orders of what she was selecting before she went. Our next step will be our pre-construction meeting with the builder. This should be the final step before the build officially starts. I hope Puxsatawny Phil was wrong and spring gets here early. I would hate for anything to delay our new home.
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